I'm Kyra, the founder of this blog, and I just wanted to share a few more things with you about me and my contributors. We are all avid readers and love to hear from publishers and authors about new releases. If you have a request for a specific contributor, please contact them directly on the emails provided rather than having to go through me!

As it says on my Goodreads site, I am a pint-sized book junkie from the UK, and I also have a degree in Journalism (hopefully that shows in my reviewing style, but that's for you to judge).

Interests: Reading, Writing, Photography, Film, TV, Art, and Travel.

If you're interested in seeing what else I do, here are some links for you to have a look through:

My Website - Photography Page - Yuppee Magazine Profile

My Issuu Profile (Magazine Articles I've written and designed) - My LinkedIn

Loves Reading: YA, Fantasy, Literary Fiction, Historical Fiction, Sci-fi (for a more in-depth version of my like and dislikes, please visit my review policy page)


Stacey is a self-confessed bookworm whose favourite authors are Nail Gaiman and Gregory Maguire. She loves Doctor Who, super-heroes and making jewellery by the dozen. Yes, she agrees that she is a bit of a geek. Stacey is known to retain several useful items in her handbag and in her head for use in pub quizzes.

Loves Reading: Fantasy, Dystopia, Fairytale Retellings, Sci-fi

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Ashley loves to read and particularly likes the works of Robert Jordan, David Gemmel, Raymond E. Feist and Brandon Sanderson. When he isn't reading, he is managing and coaching his football team, Kingsclere Ladies FC, and watching or playing all the sport he can. He also enjoys watching films and TV shows in his spare time and is a walking encyclopedia of film knowledge.

Loves Reading: Adult Fantasy, Epic Fantasy
Links: Kingsclere Ladies FC on Pitchero - Kingsclere Ladies FC on Facebook