30 June 2015

Planet Urth - Jennifer and Christopher Martucci

Typical YA fare with a teenage girl and her young sister are trying to survive in a pitiless post-apocalyptic world where everyone is out to get them.

The Good:
  • Some awesomely creepy creatures involved
  • Excellent imagining of how life might actually be when you're scared out of your whits and trying to live in the wild
  • Great characterisation with Avery and her sister, June, and their relationship is wonderful
  • Interesting ideas where the families are involved, makes you think about how you and your family would react to this kind of thing
  • Nice beginning to a romance. Shame it completely clouds the Avery's judgement, as she's such a strong character

The Bad:
  • Obvious storyline that goes exactly how you thought it would
  • Slow to start
  • No complexity of plot
  • No character arc or facets in the characters
  • Avery, the protagonist, is a little bit too perfect for me. Pretty, good survival skills, excellent fighter, caring... the list goes on. She only doubts herself a little bit when it comes to her sister
  • No promise of something bigger in the next book
It's a middle of the pack story, part of a series that I may or may not pick up again, depending on if I see the second one about for a good price. While it was enjoyable, there was nothing in the book that excited me enough to pick up the next one. I could already imagine what was going to happen, or what was likely to. While there was a promise of some sort of rebellion for the MC, there was no solid evidence that it was likely to happen on a larger scale.

3/5 for fun factor and readability, but didn't quite live up to my expectations.

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