16 February 2011

Misfits - Series One and Two

Having recently watched both series of Misfits, I found that I was extremely impressed. I originally thought that the series was going to be too much like Heroes.

Not only was it good, it was also British. The humour was profoundly either sexual or vulgar, which was rather traditionally British, in my opinion. Nathan, one of the main characters, is the main culprit of these jokes and they hardly ever fail to amuse me.

The series is based around five young offenders who are electrocuted in a freak storm and then gain supernatural abilities. Kelly can hear peoples thoughts, Curtis can turn back time, Simon can turn invisible and Alisha, strangely, can make people want to have sex with her when she touches them. And Nathan? Well, you'll find out when you watch it.

The series feels continually a bit disturbed, with various murders and violence teamed with steamy sexual encounters, some odder than others. Simon is probably my favourite character, as although he is quite shy and creepy looking, he really gets to my heart. Nathan, who seems to be the front man in the group, can only be described as a twat, as in the series. However, he is so lively and cringingly amusing at the same time that he can be forgiven.

All the characters are well thought out, with good back stories and various layers to them that are gradually removed throughout. The only fault I can find is that the drugs and sex involved can be seen as too congruent with the themes in the other popular British series, Skins, which is aimed at the same age group as Misfits.

All in all, this series is definitely one to watch for a dark and satirical look at super powers in modern life.