17 May 2011

Born This Way

How much can you say about a song?

Well, the truth is, not that much. You can say that the tempo is strong, that it has a good beat, that the harmony is nice. You can say that it would be good to dance to in a club, that it should be loved by everyone because it's so catchy.

Really though, it's the words that people listen to. The words an the way it is sung draw emotion from the listener like none of the music can. Yes, there may be a simply beautiful piece of music, but when you put words to it, it suddenly has a beautiful meaning too.

Some songs get stuck in your head for hours, days even. My song today has been 'Born This Way' by Lady Gaga. It's been stuck on repeat ever since I go up, but I'm not bored of it.


It's the words.

They are inspirational, just like the woman herself. She is telling us to be ourselves, that all of us are beautiful in our own way, and I really admire that message that she is giving to the millions that will hear it around the world.

I salute you Gaga