12 June 2012

0.4 - Mike Lancaster

'My name is Kyle Straker, and I don't exist any more.'

It was a normal day in Kyle's village. Up until the point where everyone stopped moving except for Kyle and the three other people who had been hypnotised. Sound intriguing? I certainly thought so when I had a quick read of the reviews on Amazon.

The plot is a little slow at first, but soon picks up when our lead characters find themselves in a predicament. And it gets more exciting. But I mustn't ruin the plot for you! There is a giant element of danger that is slow in coming at first, but gradually increases during the read. However, I found that the end simply petered out. Maybe this sets up a second book, because if I were Kyle or the other three main characters, I wouldn't leave things as they were.

What I like the most about this book is the way that it has been set out. The tapes that Kyle records his story on are very much in the fashion that 'The Handmaid's Tale', by Margaret Atwood, is written. And yet the reason for the use of tapes is so very different to anything I was expecting.

The entire concept is a very clever one, and I love the Sci-fi element to it all. But I don't dare say anything else, for fear of giving up the plot again. Oh, and 0.4 is a very clever title too. I love how that little number keeps you guessing!

     (This is a tough review to write.)

So, I think all I can say is that if you like Sci-fi and you like a puzzle, this is a great book for you to read. Adults don't have to worry too much about the Young Adult tag. There isn't too much teenage angst in here, though if there's a second book, there could be more.

It's a sturdy 7/10.

The second book, 1.4 is out now.