9 July 2013

Now You See Me - Film

Four talented street magicians are mysteriously summoned to an empty apartment, and a year later they are hugely famous, having created a show where they are known as 'The Four Horsemen'. For their first big show, they rob a bank and give all the money to the audience. The FBI, led by Dylan Rhodes (Mark Ruffalo) team up with Interpol to investigate, and a city-wide manhunt ensues. The acts get riskier and the stakes get higher, but why are they robbing only to give the money to others?

With a cast about as star studded as the walk of fame, the acting in the film is perfect; realistic, engrossing and with brilliant human moments, the cast have us gripped the whole way through. There are some scenes where a few actors excel more than others; Woody Harrelson wins the comedy award all around, while Jesse Eisenberg's know-it-all control-freak is brilliant in the scene where he is being questioned by police. It is Mark Ruffalo, however, who impresses the most as the agent who is way out of his depth. The rest of the cast doesn't disappoint; Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine, Isla Fisher, Dave Franco and Melanie Laurent all put in great performances.

The film has an Oceans Eleven-esque feel to it, as some of the plot is based on grand scale heists and it has the whole 'explaining how it was actually done' thing that the Ocean's films go through. It has that exact same mystery and idea of sleight of hand that made the franchise so popular, but then it goes even further. There is a back-story within the plot that again leaves you guessing; who is the puppeteer? Someone brought the magicians together and convinced them to break the law, but who, and why? The answer keeps you guessing throughout, and you won't realise until it is finally revealed.

No scene is wasted, no part is uninteresting and nothing is as it seems. Curb your loins because you won't want to miss anything. This is a film for anyone who loves a bit of mystery and intrigue (provided you're 12 years old or with an accompanying adult), so please give it a watch. Pure magic, literally; 10 out of 10.

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