5 October 2013

Pitch Perfect

Sometimes you wonder exactly what goes on in a room when a film is being thought up. I often make up those conversations in my head, and I reckon the one for Pitch Perfect went a bit like this;

"Oh, I know what will work right now! People love Glee, right?? Let's make a film version!"
"Yeah! But let's make it at Uni to appeal to a larger audience"
"Yeah! And Bridesmaids was pretty popular recently, let's add some of the humour from that into it!"
"Yeah!" Everyone nods in agreement.
This, I believe, is how Pitch Perfect came into being.

So anyway, the story is that Beca (Anna Kendrick, Twilight, Scott Pilgrim) is being forced to go to University by her dad, but really she just wants to jet off to L.A. and be a music producer. After being cornered in the shower by a member of the all-girls a capella group, she eventually joins and tries to shake things up a bit. The group is full of misfits (each have their own, sometimes pretty weird, personalities and quirks) and they really don't sound good. That is, until they all learn to work together. Queue lots of singing (Anna Kendrick is really good!), a fair bit of choreography and a lot of hideous word-play on the words 'a capella'.

This could have easily been an utterly terrible film, but it wasn't; there was enough of a plot, romance and interest to keep the film from going back to its cheesy roots. Instead of being overly happy, whiny or corny (see Glee), it actually provided us with a realistic viewpoint of a group of girls struggling with issues and trying to achieve something. There was character development in a few characters and comedy provided mostly by Rebel Wilson (who was pretty good considering I loathed her character in Bridesmaids). Oh, and look out for the competition commentators because they are hilarious.

This is a really entertaining film to watch (OK, one or two moments verge on going too far in the gross and cheesy categories) and even the boyfriend found it funny! Good songs, great vocals and all in all very enjoyable.

9 out of 10.