27 November 2013

Charity Shop Book Bargains

Charity shops; they're not the most glamorous of places, but boy do they have some great bargains. But I won't harp on about the amazing clothes your can find in there, or the lovely home-wares you can scope out, or even the cheapo DVDs. Nope, today I'm talking about that beautiful hideyhole in the corner at the  back: the book section.

My local charity hops are all really great for books, but there's one in particular that seems to get all the bestsellers and the prize nominations; The British Heart Foundation. I can't go in that shop without picking up something that I either already own or something that I've been wanting to read for ages. In that shop, I've found Water for Elephants (I bought it) alongside The Song of Achilles, and they've been priced at the most about £3.50.

So here's a quick round up of some of my charity shop buys that will (probably) make you want to pop off into town for a bit:

Rosie Hopkins' Sweet Shop of Dreams - Jenny Colgan
Jenny Colgan's food-based books have been selling really well recently, and this is a recent one, priced at £3.00 (I think)

The Library of Shadows - Mikkel Birkegaard
Secret societies, strange abilities, murder and arson attempts, all tied in to the world of books. I couldn't not buy it for £2.00.

Daughter of Smoke and Bone - Laini Taylor
A girl on the brink of our world and another more frightening one must make a decision which will change her life. 4.5 stars on Amazon, £1.75 paid in a charity shop.

The Kingdom Beyond the Waves - Stephen Hunt
A strange-sounding steampunk novel reminiscent of a quest to find Atlantis.

Cloud Atlas - David Mitchell
There were actually two copies of Cloud Atlas in the shop, but this one didn't have the film cover on it and therefore it's much prettier, so I went for it. I bought it for a measly £2.00 and really enjoyed it!

And of course, though I haven't featured it in the picture, Water for Elephants, which was an emotional and educational read.

Have you bought some amazing reads from charity shops? Please share them with me!