16 February 2015

Mini Review: The Appeal of Evil - Pembroke Sinclair


Katie, a normal 17 year old girl, finds herself in the middle of an age-old battle between good and evil, but which side will she choose?

The Good:
  • Fast-paced and easy to follow.
  • Great ideas of good, evil, Praesul and Demons to give the story a fantastical edge based on things we already understand.
  • Perfect for the YA readership, though perhaps a younger category than the main character as she is a little bit naive.
  • Totally readable and easy to pick up. Perfect for a bit of light reading.
  • Points for the cover - Josh is HOT.
The Bad:
  • One dimensional characters, particularly Deb, Katie's Mum, Wes and his Dad.
  • A little too much teen angst and self-pity.
  • No decision-making for the main character to move the story on, so grew a little stale.
  • A couple of grammatical errors - 'worse comes to worse' is meant to be 'worst' (I'm pretty certain, anyway).

A cast of fairly unlikeable characters gives little for the reader to care about, but it is a fun, easy-going read. You do tend to egg Katie on all the time, but tend to feel exasperated with her. The ending is certainly interesting, with a big old cliffhanger ready for the next book, but it doesn't quite answer the 'will she, won't she' question. Still, it might have been me, given that I am not exactly a YA any more!