21 June 2011


Disney Pixar have been around for a good while now, and they have thrown out such favourites as Toy Story, Finding Nemo, Cars and WALL-E. But, just sliding past the very clever robot love story, my favourite has to be Up.

It is a story about an old widower who sets out on an amazing journey... in a floating house held up by balloons. The concept is pure genius. After all, most of us have a dream of going travelling, and why not bring all your belongings too?

The film is full of laughs as well as a few sad parts that make these animations so special. Dogs can speak; giving way to lines such as 'I can smell you', which probably only makes sense in context.

There is a bit of gender confusion for a female bird called Kevin and an old man fight, which is hilarious given that they use their false teeth and their walking sticks to fight and are continually having to put their backs in place.

The film has some wisdom in it though: Firstly to respect your elders, and secondly that everyone has something more to give in life, even if it is crossing a giant rock to get to a waterfall, dragging a house along with you.

I think for whoever sees this, it will keep with you for a very long time. It has something about it that makes it a favourite, as it has very different characters to normal animations and an old fashioned style (and music) that anyone would love. I really can't fault this film, so it has to be a 10/10.