30 June 2013

Danio Yoghurt - Food Review

Frequent visitors to this blog can all agree that food reviewing here is a very rare occurrence. However, when something truly surprising or lovely is tasted, sometimes you just have to write about it.

The subject of this momentous blog is a yogurt. Usually they are gloopy concoctions of dubious flavour and rather too much sugar, fat and calories. Danio is a little different; a low fat, creamy pot of deliciousness with a fruit compote at the bottom.

Despite them being a little bit on the pricey side (88p a pot at Tesco, with no multi-packs to save on), they taste so good that it kind of cancels out the extra pound or two spent. There was also a deal to get 3 pots for £2.00, so naturally I leaped on that.

Initially these were free giveaways from a nice lady who was stationed outside Tesco, and nothing tastes better than free food. These, however, didn't just taste nice because they were free. They are thick (due to the amount of milk used in them, which also means they have more calcium), making them feel indulgent, and the compote is tasty, whether it is mixed in or on its own. They would actually make a lovely breakfast with a bit of granola mixed through it (don't miss that trick, Danone, you'll make a ton of money).

The compote itsself is great. The flavour is spot on for the fruit (possibly because it is made with real fruit and not flavouring. Does anyone else hate flavourings that don't even taste like the fresh fruit version? One thing that may split opinions is that the fruit compote does keep the seeds in (not the cherry stones though). While this does not make much of a difference in many of the flavours, the passion fruit one does notice as there is a crunch and a different taste there.

Now for the facts and figures. The 160g yogurt is high protein, containing 13g of the stuff, and low fat (0.2g) with 0.1g being saturates. It is 125 calories, which is a little more than your Muller lights but around the same as the low-fat Tesco yogurts. It contains no preservatives, no artificial flavours or sweeteners and is suitable for vegetarians. Flavours come in Strawberry, Cherry, Raspberry, Blueberry, Passion fruit and Peach.

These yogurts are delicious and really fill you up, so please give them a try if you're sick of swallowing tasteless food. A 9 out of 10, simply because some people may not like the seeds.

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