24 June 2013

Rise of the Guardians - Film

I am hugely aware that this film came out aaages ago, however, I have just seen it and want to tell you all about it..

This Dreamworks animation is the story of the Guardians (ie; Santa, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy and the Sandman) fighting evil. This particular evil is the Boogeymen (otherwise known as Pitch Black), and he has a really nasty plan to get rid of the Guardians forever. What he doesn't know is that the moon has chosen a new Guardian, and quite an unlikely one at that; Jack Frost.

Jack is the protagonist in the story, and he is very unwilling to become a Guardian. But as time passes and he teams up with the slapdash band of make-believe characters, he finds that he is actually enjoying himself. Each character has had a bit of a makeover to how they usually appear: The Tooth Fairy is based upon a hummingbird, and her fairies look even more like them, Santa has tattoos and a |Russian accent, the Sandman appears to be entirely made out of golden sand and the Easter Bunny is an Australian, complete with boomerang... and he's about 6 feet tall. Jack Frost is a white-haired man-boy; it is almost impossible to guess his age.

The plot is fast-going, full of action and amusement, which is just perfect for its intended audience (children). However, this is a family film, and so even adults will be able to enjoy the amusing parts. They may even be more amused than the kids! What is actually quite nice about the story is that there is a sub-plot going on. Jack Frost has no memories of his life before he became magical, and he has always wanted to know whether he was loved, or if he had a family. He also has a fear of never being seen. Here's the thing about the Guardians; kids believe in them and so they can see them, but no-one believes that there is a Jack Frost.

Not only does it have a good plot, but the voice acting isn't half bad either. It boasts the vocal talents of Chris Pine (Jack Frost), Alec Baldwin (Santa), Hugh Jackman (our Australian Easter Bunny), Isla Fisher (Tooth Fairy) and Jude Law (Pitch). Together that have created some memorable personalities and some brilliant rapport. They bounce off eachother to great effect.

This is a really lovely film that has a powerful feeling of hope, belief and fun about it. It is very enjoyable to watch and well worth the money if you want to see your kids smile and laugh. 10/10, seriously. It is difficult to find a fault.

You can find Rise of the Guardians for £7.00 at Tesco.