1 March 2011

Beastly - Alex Flinn

This next installation is a modern retelling of the classic fairy tale, Beauty and the Beast, again by Alex Flinn. It is, as with 'A Kiss in Time', very much for teenagers as the protagonist is a 16 year old boy. However, I feel that this story has a lot more work gone into it than the version of Sleeping Beauty did.

The original story of Beauty and the Beast can be seen quite clearly in the plot of this version, and I personally like that the Disney version was also incorporated into it, though not so much that the story lost any reality that it might have had.

The rose garden, which is in the original story, was brought back into being, and I personally think that the symbolism of the rose in this particular book was very clever, if not subtle.

I did not think at first that I would like the modernity of the book. but it turned out to be very interestingly done. The chat room at the beginning that also includes characters from other fairy tales (the little mermaid, snow white and rose red, the princess and the frog) was completely unneeded. I think this tried to make it overtly modern and actually took away from what was already a good plot. The emotion that the beast shows in it could have easily been put into the main story rather than having the chat room.However, the rest was well done.

I have read many books that., although are for young adults, also appeal to an older audience. Philip Pullman's 'His Dark Materials' trilogy is one, Harry Potter, of course, is another. But these books are so to do with younger people than myself, that I cannot put myself in their position and therefore lose myself in the book.

It may be that the author has also missed putting adult emotion in this book, thus rendering me incapable of feeling for the characters.5/10 for effort and cleverness, but it was again, too young for me.