15 March 2011

Fire - Kristin Cashore

Kristin Cashore's second stunning novel is positively one of the best books I have read. Far surpassing her previous book, Graceling, in storytelling and sophistication, Fire is an emotional roller coaster as well as a brilliant read.

Set in a world where monsters are enticingly beautiful creatures with mind controlling powers, the story follows the monster woman, Fire, through her astounding journey to help the king of the Dells, as well as her own. It is a truly fascinating story that entwines beautifully with Cashore's previous novel, but does not need to be read after it.

The characters in this book are extremely well written. Never have I read about characters that are more realistic or less one dimensional. The themes in this story are everything you would expect from a truly gifted fantasy novelist; war, death, betrayal, love, hate, happiness.. even a bit of politics.

The protagonist gives the entire book a well of emotion that threatens to bring the reader to tears. Her fear, anger, happiness and love make us relate to her. Even though she is an intriguingly beautiful woman with flaming red hair, we see her humanity although she is called a monster.

Cashore is a talented writer. Her plot is easy to follow but it has to many surprises and twists that you can't stop reading. This book hardly left my hands when I had a spare second or two. Her descriptions enable a clear image to fill your mind and the conversations are written in such a way that I found them quite enjoyable to follow.

This is definitely a book for those hardcore fantasy fans who want a good read.I never thought anyone could put so much into such a small book.

An amazing 10 out of 10 for this gem of a book.