30 March 2011

Co-op's Prawn Layered Salad

When I first thought I would start a reviewing blog, I always assumed it would be for games, movies, books.. the media. Food is food, end of. And yes, some of it is amazing, but it is always amazing.

Food isn't really my forte, but this salad needs telling to the world. Normally salads are dry, tasteless and dull. The whole lot is boring and bland. I normally eat salads and leave half due to utter boredom, but not this time.
Co-op's Prawn Layered salad surprised me because, first and foremost, it had flavour.

I think it is the sauce that did it, mixed into everything so it has a fishy tinge that doesn't overwhelm. The lettuce was fresh and watery, the cucumber was, well, cucumber, the prawns were tasty as always and the pasta shells were a nice touch to break up the meat and vegetables.

All in all, a 9 out of 10. A salad you can actually enjoy, and it's healthy too.