25 April 2014

The Patchwork Girl of Oz - L. Frank Baum

Mini Review Time!

This is a fairly short book intended for children set in the fantasy world of Oz, and is the seventh in the Oz series. It follows the adventures of a young munchkin named Ojo as he goes on a quest to save his Unc Nunkie from being a statue forever, following a terrible accident involving a crooked magician and some Liquid of Petrifaction. Scraps, a patchwork girl, and Bungle, a glass cat, both brought to life with the magician's powder of life (seen in The Marvelous Land of Oz) accompany him along his journey to find ingredients for the magician in order to bring his uncle back. Along the way he picks up a few more travelling companions, a few of which we have already met.

This is a nice little book, but since it is quite old, I find the writing style quite tiring to read, and therefore what should be a few quick book tends to get extended and a little boring. However, this one was more enjoyable to read than some of the others, and I was interested in whether the boy would succeed in his quest. In many of the Oz books, it seems that there is one mini-adventure after another, and in this book it was very much the same, only it had an overall goal, which I found much easier to digest than the previous two books.

A nice little book that imaginative children will love being read to them. 6 out of 10.