15 April 2014

Top Ten Tuesday #1 - Most Aggravating Female Characters

Top Ten Five Most Aggravating Female Characters

I was sitting on the sofa the other day, trying to thinking about things to do for my first ever top ten, and looked over to my boyfriend who was sitting across from me, reading Catching Fire (I'm so proud). As I thought about certain annoying parts of that book, it occurred to me that I hate an awful lot of characters. So here is my definitive list of hated females. Oh and by the by, there will most definitely be spoilers in this blog.

1. Katniss Everdeen, The Hunger Games
Everyone loves Peeta, every sane woman out there would choose him over Gale, but Katniss is quite clearly insane, because for 2.9 books she procrastinates between them both, and then finally decides she wants Peeta when she can no longer (feasibly) have him. This girl is too selfish and too mean in my opinion, even if The Hunger Games is awesome, she's just not.

2. Bella Swan, Twilight
This one's a vampire, and this one is a werewolf. Exactly how long do you really need to get the picture? I got bored waiting for her to click. Also, she is always walking into trouble on purpose. If a guy tells you he's like to drain you dry, you do not come on to him, you run. Sappy and stupid, not a good combination.

3. Annana, The Assassin's Curse
Badass pirate lady escapes from an arranged marriage only to find herself pining for a scary, surly guy she just met, who nearly killed her, by the way. Enough said.

4. Rebekkah Barrow, Graveminder
Unable to admit she loves the man who she's been toying with all her life. Is constantly running away or avoiding awkward stuff, which makes for some very frustrating conversations. Eventually she grows up, but not nearly enough in my opinion.

5. America Singer, The Selection
This girl entered a competition to win the Prince's heart, having just broken up with someone. Not only does she fall swiftly back into said dumper's arms as soon as he beckons, but she then can't make up her mind about which boy she liked more. To make matters worse, she constantly thinks up issues so that her feeling tend to alternate between one and the other for the most part of two books (probably three, but as I haven't read The One yet, I don't know).

Guest Annoyance:
6. Claire Tanith, Cursed
Always feeling sorry for herself and putting herself down. The story and the idea aren't bad, but the character makes it a DNF.

These are all really enjoyable books, but these characters made me want to shake them, or tear my hair out, or both simultaneously. These ladies clearly need to learn the art of 'not procrastinating' and the other two simply need to grow working brains.

Rant over. Do you agree? Is there anyone you would like to see added to the list?