28 August 2014

Despicable Me 2 - Film Mini Review

Gru isn't an evil villain any more, but now he is bored with his normal life. when an opportunity to become a spy for a secret organisation arises, he leaps at the chance.

The Good:

  • New levels of cuteness (Gru dresses up as a fairy princess).
  • Awesome new characters in the form of an overenthusiastic spy, Lucy.
  • Voices from Steve Carell, Russel Brand and Kirsten Wiig
  • Still as funny as the first one.
  • Romance, mutants and Gru dealing with parent issues
  • Best scene: Lipstick Taser!

The Bad:

  • Agnes becomes officially weird.
  • Iffy villain with no real explanation as to his back-story. How did he fake his his own death and why? How does he have a son and what happened to the mother?
  • The ending comes rather too close to cheesy for my liking.
  • Don't hate me: the minions were not funny - they were too slapstick this time around.

Very entertaining, but I would still say that the first one is better. Still a great, original idea and still very well done. Suitable for kids but certainly watchable for grown-ups too.