13 May 2015

ARC Review: Forget Me Knot - Ruth Silver (Royal Reaper 2)

"Don’t mess with death. 

When Wynter explores his newly developed dark angel powers, regret soon fills his heart and mind. Saving a soul isn’t what he imagined it to be, and it puts the grim reaper he loves in grave danger.

Obligated to take the throne as Queen, Mara must face the truth and unravel secrets she may not be ready to accept.

The second book in the Royal Reaper saga takes you on a paranormal fantasy adventure into a world of grim reapers, dark angels, and undead trucidators.

After reading the first book, I was really interested in reading the second. I'm really glad to say that I wasn't disappointed. The ideas of life, death and the inbetween - the undead - really have started to make me think about what really does happen after we die. Yes, it's a macabre thought that perhaps the usual teenage readers may not want to think about, but they will. At least this book gives them quite a nice answer, if a little disturbing to know there is definitely a hell, but nobody is saying anything about a heaven!

Anyway, although the blurb above doesn't tell you this as such, the book is still all about Leila/Ophelia and her struggles with being a grim reaper. As usual, she's getting herself into trouble, but this time the action has stepped up a notch and things escalate pretty quickly. This is definitely going to get interesting in the third installment.

This time around, the world and the character inside of it are getting more complex. Suddenly Mara is getting a whole lot cooler as she becomes queen, we discover that the life of a Dark Angel isn't quite as simple as we were led to believe, and there's something else. Something about Leila that we didn't know before, and that we're going to find out about in the next book, no doubt. This book was very tantalising for me.. I can see it all coming but I just can't figure out how it'll be pieced together!

There were a couple of flaws in the book, in that character development of the main character was put aside in order for her sister to be developed more. As a result, the relationships with her friends and even with Wynter suffered. Suddenly she and Wynter live in this idyllic coupley life, which is definitely not what would really happen. Although the way this was discarded didn't actually hurt the plot or the pacing in the slightest, I feel that a little bit more filler would have been nice to separate the action.

The pace was perfect, and it was an easy read that honestly captures the imagination and attention. The Saga is definitely worth getting for a teen reader (or even one a bit older). 

The next book is looking promising, and there were a lot of cool things that happened at the end of this book. It will be really great to see how all that pans out.


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Thanks to Ruth Silver for the ARC copy. This has not affected my review.