19 May 2015

Film Mini Review: We're the Millers

A drug dealer creates a fake family from a group of people he kind-of knows in order to smuggle a truck-load (literally) of cannabis into America.

The Good:
  • Laugh out loud funny. I am not over-dramatising this, unlike most other reviews of kind of funny films.
  • No awkwardness or extremeness. I'm looking at you, Bridesmaids. Awkward seems to have gotten really popular these days in comedies and now it's all anyone is doing. I don't find that funny, I find it unbearable.
  • Great charcterisation of each one of the main four. I honestly loved how each one had a few facets.
  • Good cast, but we all love Kenny. Is there anything Will Poulter can't do?
  • Some very amusing situations. Very.
  • Kind of heartfelt in an odd way, and also appears to have a moral compass. it doesn't point completely north, but it's nearly there.
The Bad:
  • Some may not like the swearing. There's a ton of it.
  • There are a lot of unsavoury subjects here: drugs, smuggling, nudity (well, ish), stripping, violence.

To be honest. I loved this film. It's a great one for a night in with friends and is definitely only suitable for adults. I wouldn't want to watch it with my parents in the room, either. Very funny and great for some lighthearted fun that you take with a pinch of salt.

We're the Millers on IMDB

By the look of IMDB, there's going to be a second one. I am a little bit excited!