23 May 2015

Film Mini Review: The Fault In Our Stars

Two teens fall in love after meeting at a cancer support group.

The Good:

The actors were amazing. Truly. Shailene Woodley makes a wonderful, cynical Hazel. She was very tactfully played and we felt we truly understood her feelings and why she acts the way she does.

Augustus Waters. Is there any person more wonderful? The casting here is spot on as Ansel Englert plays the role beautifully. He puts so much joy and vivacity into the. Every teen should find themselves falling for him.

Poignant, with very beautiful words that make you strongly feel the characters. Enough to make you cry certainly.

Unashamedly realistic in terms of the conversation that people of this age actually have, and every day life.

I've never had cancer, but now I think I know how these two feel. Even the trailer (below) has severe feels.

The Bad:

The ending! No spoilers though. My heart was broken into three billion pieces.


I don't have a bad word to say about this film. Great. Something that everyone should watch, apart from people who don't like experiencing emotion.

The Fault In Our Stars on IMDB