10 May 2014

The Reading Pile #3 - Birthday Special

Gospel of Loki - Joanne M. Harris
You may have seen this book on a previous wishlist, well now I have it! I got this from my sister, because she knows how much of a huge fan of Joanne Harris I am. I am loving mythology stories at the moment, and Loki is the most awesome of the Norse Gods, so I can't wait to get into it.

A Game of Groans - George R.R. Washington
My sister's boyfriend got me this, and it sounds hilarious. 'A Parody of Slush and Soot', and a satire of The Game of Thrones, this book looks set to be a highly amusing read, and apparently the start of a series of little books on the subject.

What else did I get?

On the watching pile I have:

Help! I'm a Fish
A blast from the past into my childhood. I used to love the theme song to this and it was actually a pretty good little watch. Did you know that Alan Rickman voices the bad guy? I didn't but I do now!

Water for Elephants
Read the book and loved it, now for the film starring Reese Witherspoon and Robert Pattinson. I really hope they've done the book justice.

Doctor Who - Series 4 and 5
The boyfriend and I have been watching the series ever since Christpher Eccleston stepped on to the TV screens. Now we're re-watching, and series 4 is by far my favourite; David Tennant works so well with Catherine Tate.