21 May 2014

Wednesday Wishlist #7

This week is another post on fairytales and this time there's quite a mixture!

Stolen Songbird - Danielle Jensen

A whole new take on trolls, featuring a girl who sings beautifully, an 'enigmatic troll prince', rebellion and a curse. Question: Are trolls ugly or is that all part of the myth? My bet is that this troll prince is drop-dead gorgeous. However, I can see hidden layers to this book; slavery of half human races is dealt with, as are politics of the troll court and it is all wrapped up in layers of magic, both our protagonists magic and that of the trolls. It sounds good, and with a 4.05 rating on Goodreads, I'll probably be getting my hands on it soon.

Stolen Songbird on Goodreads

Entwined - Heather Dixon

This book has been on the wishlist for ages, but I've never got around to buying it... yet. In this retelling of The Twelve Dancing princesses, just as before the princesses step into a hidden world inside their palace, where they can dance to their hearts content inside a silver forest. but one day they find themselves trapped inside this world by the Keeper. Azalea is the eldest sister, and she must fight against the Keeper to bring freedom for herself and her sisters. This appears to be a love it or hate it kind of book, so I really hope I love it.

Entwined on Goodreads

Tiger Lily - Jodi Lynn Anderson

A retelling of Peter Pan entirely from the perspectives of the Neverland inhabitants, namely Tinkerbell. I've seen wonderful things about this book and I've heard that it is really deeply emotional. It follows the story of how Tiger Lily was in love with Peter Pan before Wendy Darling comes along, and the measures she went through to try and be with him. It is meant to be a very powerful and gripping novel, and I only hope that it does the same for me as it has done for many other people. I am not a cryer and I don't often get affected in that sort of way by books, but you never know, this might be a first.

Tiger Lily on Goodreads