25 October 2014

Mini Film Review: Django Unchained


A freed slave and an ex-dentist take up bounty hunting together in 1858 America. Django has other plans to save his wife, who is trapped as a servant in a Mississipi cotton plantation.

The Good:

  • Excellent story about love and revenge, really bringing to life the hardships of black people in this place and time.
  • Interesting in the way that Django handles himself, especially towards the other slaves. Is he acting, or is he enjoying it? You honestly can't tell.
  • Christoph Waltz excels as Dr. King Shultz, the ex-dentist, with Jamie Foxx and Leonardo Dicaprio not far behind him.
  • It's got Samuel L. Jackson in it. As we all know, a film isn't a film without him.
  • Funny at times, especially when Waltz says and does clever things.
  • Cameo from Jonah Hill anyone? Two cameos from Quentin Tarantino himself.

The Bad:
  • So, so, graphic in terms of violence, sometimes utterly unneeded.
  • A bit ridiculously bloody nearing the end.
  • Too much use of the word 'nigger' for my taste.
  • Really long.

The Overview:

Honestly, not a bad film at all. Quite entertaining but not something I would actually choose to watch again thanks to the overload of violence.