8 October 2014

Wednesday Wishlist #24 - Another Fantasy Edition

Yay, Fantasy! These ones seem a little bit fairytale to me too.

Coral and Bone - Tiffany Daune

Is this a mermaid story? I just don't know. But what I do know is that our protagonist is discovering some cool new powers along with a mysterious underwater world called Elosia. She learns that her life has been a lie and discovers some truths about her past along the way. When those who deceived her come for help, she has to choose whether to walk away or use her new powers.

Inland - Kat Rosenfeld

Possibly another mermaid tale.. maybe. This time the protagonist has a debilitating illness where her lungs are failing. her mother drowned when she was young and her father moved them inland, but when fate moves them back near the sea, Callie is inexplicably drawn to the ocean. She soon discovers a family destiny that 'holds generations of secrets and very few happy endings.' This one sounds rather more psychological in nature than the first.

Between - Megan Whitmer

A YA novel about a girl whose family get separated by something supernatural, and she is whisked off into another world to be kept safe while others look for them. Charlie learns that this world is full of myths and legends, and that a group known as The Fellowship is protecting them from human discovery. The bad news is that she was one of those who were being protected, but she never knew it. Danger soon follows as the magic begins to fail and creatures begin to die, and all of it is linked to Charlie.