26 October 2014

Review: We Were Liars - E. Lockhart

At first, I was confused by this book. The writing really wasn't my kind of thing, with short sentences and paragraphs that didn't quite flow in terms of narrative. At first, I couldn't care less about the beautiful Sinclairs, and I didn't care about these spoilt kids who spend all their summer on a stunning Island with servants to do their cooking and cleaning for them. In all honestly, it got to bout the middle before I realised there was something a bit fishy about the whole thing, until I realised that perhaps there was more here than met the eye. It turns out there was.

This book sets off at a rather slow pace and carries on for quite a while in that way. The tone is confusing until our protagonist tells us about her head injury, and then it makes more sense. The tension never builds, but my interest did peak when I realised there was something pretty dark going on.

And then the truth comes out and hits you like a ton of bricks. You haven't been able to piece it together, it's completely unexpected. I loved that. I loved the way so many things began to make complete sense. I felt a huge loss at all the little things Cadence spoke about doing before, the normal things that were suddenly so far out of reach.

As characters go, Cady is really interesting and her whole group have a good depth to them. They weren't the perfect Sinclairs, they were the ones who value their friendship more than any possessions. Gat is a really great character and a nice love interest. I found all the characters to be quite normal, with their weak points and their strengths. Sometimes I was disgusted and other times I was surprised by some coherent thoughts that were put together by these teenagers.

It was a short book, but it felt longer to me. I was slightly bored by the mundane things, the inconsequential conversations and general glimpses of life. But I kept reading and I am glad I did, because the end, although slightly drawn out after that punch in the stomach, was really good.