12 July 2014

I, Frankenstein - Film Review

Mini Review

Frankenstein's monster still lives today, battling a force of demons without our knowledge. He has been hunted by them for 200 years, and now he is about to find out why.

The Good Stuff:

  • It starts out as the classic tale of Frankenstein (missing a couple of details of course, or this wouldn't work), and then turns into a fantastical modern-time war with the monster trapped in the center. 
  • Aaron Eckhart's acting is pretty sound, and his voice could give Christian Bale's Batman a run for his money in the sore-throat department.
  • The idea of God-made gargoyle people is really cool, and I can see it taking off in literature (hint, hint, paranormal/fantasy authors). It's not something I've ever really heard of apart from in Disney's The Hunchback of Notre Dame, and then they were just as comedy characters.
  • Surprisingly religious notes, talking about souls and demons.
  • Also stars Bill Nighy (Davy Jones in Pirates of the Carribean), Miranda Otto (Eowyn in LOTR) and Jai Courtney (Bruce Willis's son in A Good Day to Die Hard)
The Bad Stuff:
  • The effects are good up to the point where you see the demons, then you realise they could have been way better. The design of the demons could have used more work, they were pretty unoriginal and not scary.
  • Bill Nighy was misused. He has such a prescence and here he hardly makes an impact at all.
  • Plot Obviousness. It was totally clear exactly why the demons wanted Frankenstein's monster in the first place.
The Iffy Stuff:
  • Commonly with the story of Frankenstein, people forget that Frankenstein was the inventor, not the actual monster. Now, this story calls the monster Frankenstein due to the fact that the monster is his creation, and therefore is his son. This is iffy logic and to me only adds confusion. Why not carry on calling him Adam? It happened in the book!

The Verdict:
Very watchable and good for those who like action and retellings. I would totally watch it again, and just try to ignore the dodgy-looking demons.

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