29 July 2014

Top Ten Tuesday #15 - Book Titles that Remind Me of Songs

Top Ten Tuesday is a Meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish where I will be picking from their top tens and attempting to reveal what my thinking is behind these choices.

This one is really a bit of fun. It's just that recently I've been seeing so many books like this I thought it was high time to make a list:

1. Don't You Forget About Me - Kate Karyus Quinn
The title of this creepy novel about a town where teens go a bit mental every four years really reminds me of this classic:

2. I Want It That Way - Ann Aguirre
I go back to my 90s childhood with this title. A little bit of Backstreet Boys never hurt anyone

3. As Long As You Love Me - Ann Aguirre
Another Backstreet Boys song? I think I was obsessed, and I think Ann Aguirre is, too.

4. Take a Chance on Me - Jill Mansell
I love a bit of ABBA, it puts me in entirely the right mood, so I can't help but hum this tune whenever I see this book:

5. Wuthering Heights - Emily Bronte
We all knew it was coming. You can't get away from Kate Bush's strange and surreal music, especially when it's all about a very famous classic book. Check out the dancing, please.

6. Our Kind of Love - Shane Morgan
Lady Antebellum suddenly scoots into my head when faced with this particular book title.

7. Maskerade - Terry Pratchett
I know that this book is meant to be a parody of The Phantom of the Opera, and therefore the only thing I ever think of when I see this title is this specific scene:

8. Let Me Love You - Megan Smith
A little bit of R and B courtesy of my teen years sidles in for this title with You Should Let Me Love You by Mario

9. Car Crash Hearts - Kelley York
This one may seem like a bit of a curve ball, but my music taste is really varied. In my later teen years I went into the whole modern rock thing and loved stuff like My Chemical Romance and Paramore. This one makes me break out into Thriller by Fall Out Boy.

10. The Devil You Know - Trish Doller
Thanks to my classic 90s upbringing, the only version of Better the Devil You Know that pops into my head is inevitably the Steps cover... then Kylie.

Which book titles have you bursting out into song?