16 July 2014

Wednesday Wishlist #13

This week's wishlist is focusing on parallel lives and worlds.. and twins. My own book is set mostly in a parallel universe, so these books are almost research for it. Linked is simply because I am a twin and I get interested in how people write us.

Pivot Point/ Split Second - Kasie West
A girl with the power to see the outcomes of choices she makes. She has to choose between two lives, knowing what the outcome of this choice will be. Things get even more tangled up when her father is asked to consult on a murder. A novel all about the making the right choices, possibly in a similar vein to Between the Lives (reviewed here).

Pivot Point on Goodreads

Parallel - Lauren Miller
Another book about suddenly landing in a parallel life, this time the MC has already made a choice that she didn't mean to make, landing her miles away from where she really wanted to be. One day she wakes up in a different life; the life she wanted, while her parallel self continues in her old life. Oh, and did I mention that every time her parallel self makes a choice, this MC's world changes too? Sounds awesome.

Parallel on Goodreads

The Dark World - Cara Lynn Shultz
Dead best friends, demons, warlocks, war and a dark world overrun with demons. It sounds good, and this Dark World sounds nice and creepy, hopefully on the same scale as the hellish one in Constantine.

The Dark World on Goodreads

Linked/ Unravel - Imogen Howson
Twins who can feel each-other's pain and see through each-other's eyes. Not only that, but there's a Government conspiracy and one of these twins knows something that could tear the world apart. It sounds like a super-sci-fi from all the rave reviews, so hopefully the twin thing won't bug me too much! Sounds fascinating.

Linked on Goodreads