25 July 2014

The Reading Pile #6

I still haven't worked my way through to Teardrop yet, but I have a very good reason this month. I've got myself a new job as a copy writer! Finally, those three years working my butt off for University have paid off, and I am so excited to get started. It's going to be a lot of work for me as I'm not completely clued up on the subject matter, but I'm making progress (I think). I therefore apologise in advance for any rubbish or rushed posts that may enter this blog in the next month or so as I adjust to my new working hours and everything else that may come my way.

So back to the real point, here's all the books I got this month!

The Girl With all the Gifts - M.R. Carey
I've heard amazing things about this book and I just had to buy it at Tesco, along with...

The Fault in Our Stars - John Green
I need to read this before I see the film! I teared up at the trailer, so who knows what the book will make me do.. let alone the whole film!

A Beauty so Beastly - Rashelle Workman
A retelling of Beauty and the Beast? Yes please. Also, the cover is gorgeous.

Spell Check - Julie Wright
It was cheap, or free, I can't quite remember. Pretty sure it was free. It sounded intriguing and quite short, so I went ahead and had a little impulse buy.

For Review:
Necessary Evil and the Greater Good - Adam Ingle
An Angel and a Demon team up for a road trip after getting themselves kicked out of the afterlife. Includes a amusingly named Scottish Terrier, bad jobs in heaven and hell, Greek gods, Norse gods and a small town named Truth or Consequences.

Tarnish - J.D. Brink
A tale of bravery, evil marsh creatures and one boys calling to become a hero. It sounds like there might be a little bit of paranormal in here too, with hints at zombies and men turning into animals, but I'm just guessing at that. I've read a few like this before, but from the reviews on Goodreads, I'm expecting some really interesting character-building.

Tomorrow Wendell - R.M. Ridley
Private Investigator Paranormal Zombie-thon. The big difference here is that magic isn't just something you can tap into any old time. Magic is a drug, and using it will eventually kill you. This makes the PI job so much more interesting, because our main character has to use it to make his living.

Dangerous Reflections - Shay West
A YA time travel story where a girl can see other girls from the past in her mirror. The concept sounds really interesting and educational too. I like a little bit of history mixed in with my YA.

Fractured Dream - K.M Randall
Fairytale retellings but not as you know it. It kind of sounds a bit like Reckless by Cornelia Funke mixed with John Connolly's The Book Of Lost Things. Let's hope it lives up to those high standards!

Blog Tour Copies:
Gypsy - Trisha Leigh
I am so excited for this. It's a mixture of x-men-like powers, a dystopian society and YA audience. It sounds completely intense and really interesting.

Thankyou's this month go to:
BookTrope (Particulary Pamela Labbe and Ruth Silver and the authors they represent; Shay West and K.M. Randall)
Adam Ingle
J.D. Brink
R.M. Ridley
Everyone working with Xpresso Book Tours (Trisha Leigh)