30 July 2014

Wednesday Wishlist #15

This week's Wishlist is all about fairy tales (again).

A Beauty so Beastly - Rashelle Workman
A Beauty and the Beast retelling with some really cool twists; the beauty is the beast, and she is cursed to have no feelings towards others, a man comes to her and is subject to a lot of bad things going on, because she wants to break him. It sounds really interesting and I am pretty intrigued as to what my favourite fairy-tale can become.

A Beauty so Beastly on Goodreads

Fearless - Cornelia Funke
Sequel to the amazing Reckless, in which a boy travels through the Mirrorworld to rescue his brother from a terrible curse. This time Jacob Reckless is dying and he is on a quest to find a legendary item that just might save him. I really need to re-read the first book before I venture into this one.

Fearless on Goodreads

The Girl Who Never Was - Skylar Dorset
A fairy princess reveals her birthday to a stranger and causes devastation. There appears to be an awful lot packed into this one; Fairy courts, insane fathers, murderous mothers, wizards, prophecies, romance, adventure and a ton of quests. Phew.

The Girl Who Never Was on Goodreads