26 July 2014

The Railway Man - Film Mini Review

A man who was tortured as a prisoner of war still vividly remembers the trauma years later and cannot seem to cope. His new wife struggles and tries to find out more. Based on a true story.

The Good:
  • It has Colin Firth, Nicole Kidman, Jeremy Irvine and Stellan Skarsgard in it, all of whom deliver excellent performances.
  • Jeremy Irvine really does look like the image of the man this film is based on as he was during the war and his voice echoes Colin Firths brilliantly, making him instantly recognisable as his younger self.
  • Based on a true story and doesn't shy away from horrible truths
  • A real story of what it is to forgive and how difficult it is to forget
  • The romance is quite a nice aspect and lets us know that life doesn't simply end once you have been through a war
  • Poignant and satisfying ending

The Bad:
  • Some scenes were graphic and quite horrific.
  • A little slow to start
  • As the film flits between past and present time, some parts could be slightly confusing

The Verdict: 
Probably not for everyone as scenes can be a bit difficult to handle. Very dramatic, very good performances. Recommended for people who like dramas, war stories and films with more than a pinch of truth to them.