3 June 2014

Author Love #2

Ben Aaronovitch

So today I want to talk to you about a man whose imagination knows no bounds; Ben Aaronovitch. His name may be a mouthful, but once you've registered and gotten over that, you can have a good look at his writing instead.

His Peter Grant novels, a series about a London police officer who happens to find himself in a good few supernatural situations, is pure genius. The books are well thought-through, tense with mystery, indulgent in terms of relationships and funny, too.

Here's an example of his work, the first line of Rivers of London:

'It started at one thirty on a cold Tuesday morning in January when Martin Turner, street performer and, in his own words, apprentice gigolo, tripped over a body in front of the East Portico of St Paul's at Covent Garden... [He] had just pegged the body as a drunk when he noticed that it was in fact missing its head.'

Now if that doesn't shake up the morbid (and I mean that literally) fascination in your mind I don't know what will.

This series is exciting and brilliant for anyone who likes their fantasy based in the real world and for people who like a mixture of ghosts, deities and magic, all rolled into a familiar setting. I love the stories and can't wait to get my hands on Broken Homes, the most recent addition to the series.

Oh, and have you seen the covers? They're awesome!

Rivers of London on Goodreads