11 June 2014

Wednesday Wishlist #9

This week it's all about sci-fi (ish) books! I've been keeping my eyes on all of these books for an age.

Legend/ Prodigy/ Champion - Marie Lu
I love a bit of dystopia, and these books certainly fit in to that category. A futuristic America, always at war, murder, revenge and some romance. Now tell me that doesn't sound like good reading... and that's only the first book.

Legend on Goodreads

Ruby Red/ Sapphire Blue/ Emerald Green - Kerstin Gier
Yes another trilogy to pass me by. Time Travelling men and women who make up an order calling themselves Guardians.. of what, is all I can think about. Time? Or do they have smaller worries. I am really intrigued about this novel; time travel is something I love, so hopefully Kerstin Gier will do it right!

Ruby Red on Goodreads

Impostor/ Defector - Susanne Winnacker
Oh look! Another series! I'm starting to sense that there's a pattern in my reading. I don't seem to buy books unless the series is out already, henceforth missing vital kudos on being up to date! At least this second book isn't out yet.. but it will be next month. Honestly, the idea of a girl who can change her appearance to catch serial killers is awesome. I can't wait to read it!

Impostor on Goodreads

The Elites - Natasha Ngan
This one sounds awesome! A futuristic world where everything has been obliterated apart from one city; Neo-Babel. Standing guard over it are The Elites, chosen due to their superior DNA, or protagonist is one of them, but she fails to stop the assassination of the president and is forced to flee the city with a genetically enhanced boy (he has wings!).

The Elites on Goodreads