8 June 2014

The Reading Pile #4

It's been about a month since my last Reading Pile Post, and while I haven't been inundated with books, I've had a fair few coming my way. I went mad for a couple of days and actually bought some too!


Crane - Stacey Rourke
I had to. After my Blitz post I could no longer deny that I really wanted to read this one. A re-imagining of the amazing Sleepy Hollow story, told from Ichabod Crane's point of view as well as his descendant, Ireland. 'What if the monster that spawned the legend lived within you?' I am dying to find out.

Crane on Goodreads

Abyssal Sanctury: Remnants of the Damned - Gavin Hetherington
Now I'm not usually into creepy books, but this one sounded just kind enough not to give me nightmares for weeks, but just creepy enough that it would hold my attention. With murder, Monsters, Witches and secrets, I think I'll be in for a fun ride.

Remnants of the Damned on Goodreads

Arcs for Book Tours:

Division Zero - Matthew Cox
A policewoman with psychic powers battles ghosts in a futuristic world. I have already read this and it was really good! The post will be up on the 4th July.

Division Zero on Goodreads

The Silver Sickle - Ellie Ann
Farissa is destined to be harvested by the alien godesses any day now, but Zel won't give her up that easily, He has invented a way to kill them, and he has a plan for them to run away together. But there are too many variables for it to be an easy ride. I am currently reading this one and so far I'm in a haze of information. But don't worry, I'll stick with it until the end.

The Silver Sickle on Goodreads

Phantom's Dance - Lesa Howard
I'm getting to be a sucker for retellings, I really am. But I had to go for this blog tour; this is a retelling of one of my favourite stories ever; The Phantom of the Opera. Changing Opera singing to dancing and the scene from Paris to Texas is hopefully the start of a great idea. I can't wait to see what has been done to this classic.

Phantom's Dance on Goodreads


The Casquette Girls - Alys Arden
Unnatural events are happening in a decimated New Orleans, and it leads Adele Le Moyne to an abandoned attic, where all hell breaks loose. Adele is against the clock to figure out how to stop the entity she had unleashed from killing more innocent victims. Sounds creepy doesn't it? That seems to be something I am getting more and more into recently - just hope I like it!

The Casquette Girls on Goodreads