25 June 2014

Wednesday Wishlist #11

This week's wishlist is very much to do with death. I don't have a weird obsession with it, but for some reason strange deathly powers and zombies are a really cool thing to read about for me:

The Body Finder - Kimberley Derting
A girl who has the power to sense dead bodies and find the creature that killed them. A serial killer ravaging the town she lives in. She may be the only one who can find them. Ohhh, this sounds good!

The Body Finder on Goodreads

Shatter Me/ Unravel Me/ Ignite Me - Tahereh Mafi
Dystopian world? Check. Strange power? Check. Love? Check. Action? Check. Sounds good to me! But it's not just all that, it's the power I love the idea of; the idea of being able to kill someone with just one touch puts me in mind of Rogue from X-Men, but hopefully that's where the resemblance to that franchise stops. We shall have to wait and see!

Shatter Me on Goodreads

My Soul to Take (Soul Screamers Series) - Rachel Vincent
A girl who knows when people are about to die, who can't help but scream when they do. Banshees are an amazing idea to write about, and there aren't many books out there that deal with this creepy paranormal creature. I love the premise, so I really hope this series is good! There are tons of these books, so it should keep me busy for a while.

My Soul to Take on Goodreads

Revived - Cat Patrick
A story about a girl who has died and been revived several times by means of a Government Drug Testing Programme. I'd love to see how the author handles the idea of death and rebirth in this one. Sounds like a good almost-dystopia with a real focus on identity and death.

Revived on Goodreads