4 June 2014

Wednesday Wishlist #8

It's the rise of the sequels this week, as this wishlist comprises entirely of the other books in the series;

Dark Triumph/ Mortal Heart - Robin LaFevers
Grave Mercy was great; it captured my imagination and it really left me wondering what would happen to the other girls, and so Dark Triumph will be even better, because this time the focus is on one of the more interesting characters of the bunch; Sybella. I can't wait to read it and find out her part in all of this. This time we know for sure that our heroine will be full of fire and ready to kill instead of dithering about it. I'm looking for a much darker book than its predecessor now. Mortal Heart is the third book in the series, again based on a different character's viewpoint, that of Annith.

Dark Triumph on Goodreads

Crown of Midnight / Heir of Fire - Sarah J Maas
I read Throne of Glass and although it was yet again about a female assassin, it really didn't give me what I was expecting in terms of assassinations. I'm hoping the second book will be a bit more bloodthirsty instead of flitting around in castles all day, and I'm hoping the story will carry on getting bigger and bigger. There's a lot of scope for this book, ad I can't wait to see what Maas pulls out of the bag in these next sequels.

Crown of Midnight of Goodreads

Days of Blood and Starlight / Dreams of Gods and Monsters - Laini Taylor
I actually bought Daughter of Smoke and Bone on a whim in a charity shop, and I have to say that the book has really stuck with me, despite how many I've read in the meantime. The war between the chimaera and the angels is so compelling and so interesting and the book was so complex! I had an idea about the twist, but the way that it was tied up and into every element of the story was incredible. Anyway, enough fangirling, needless to say I feel a deep urge to read these two ASAP.

Days of Blood and Starlight on Goodreads