27 June 2014

The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement - Film Mini Review

Mini Review

Princess Mia is now 21 and has just graduated from education. Now, she is going to live in Genovia and learn how to be Queen from her grandmother. But there is a notorious plot to ruin her plans when it is announced that unless she marries, another will take the throne of Genovia away from her.


  • Chris Pine. Need I say more?
  • Much better outfits than the first one, and it's much less contemporary.
  • So much less teenage strops and angst and so much more mature handling of the role.
  • Is that Stan Lee in that scene with Julie Andrews before the wedding? It totally is!
  • Lessons Learnt: Practically the opposite of last time, sometimes you have to do what's right by you instead of what other people think you should do.
  • Some cute moments at the end, as well as a really nice coronation scene.
  • The clumsiness thing is a bit overdone.
  • Story-wise, it's very rushed at the beginning.
  • The sleepover and the singing really doesn't work with the rest of the film, it gets really cliche and a bit boring to be honest!
  • Is it me, or is it trying too hard to still be relevant to teens by adding Raven in there?
  • You feel so sorry for Andrew, the guy she's basically being forced to marry.
Overall thoughts:

Much better than the first one in terms of moaning and hissy fits, a bit more mature and works it's way well into an older audience (which is exactly what the teens who loved the original would have been). Man candy in the form of Chris Pine is always good in my book.