16 June 2014

Author Love #3

Today is a day of appreciation for no reason other then love. Therefore I am sharing with you one of my absolute favourite authors. His work is amazing and has been translated from Spanish to many different languages. You will find him at the very end of every fiction shelf, always with a recommendation or two. In fact, that was where I first found him.

Carlos Ruiz Zafón (yay! I worked out how to make the 'o' accented!).

I love find new and interesting things to read, but I hardly ever get any recommendations. However, one day I was browsing the Waterstones shelves looking for something interesting when my eye caught a recommendation card sitting in front of the book. I will never know what possessed me to kneel down and read it, but I am glad I did, or I'd have never found this incredible writer.

The first book I read was The Shadow of the Wind, because the one thing that came from that recommendation card was the idea of a book about books. Naturally, as a self-confessed bibliophile the idea never left me. In fact it stagnated until one day I went back into Waterstones a few months later simply to buy the book that I had read about only once. I could not put it down.

Zafón is a truly imaginative writer who writes very thought-provoking books. He has beautifully descriptive prose, a great sense of suspense and very complex stories. Perhaps his best work, though, is in his YA books, which are ghost stories. The Prince of Mist, for example, is incredibly chilling and has never left my mind. It is definitely on the re-read pile.

Please go read one of his books!

I cannot wait to read Marina, his most recent children's book (see it on Goodreads here).

Carlos Ruiz Zafón on Goodreads