20 September 2014

Book Banter # 3 - Whatcha-Reading Syndrome

As an avid reader of pretty much anything fictional, I can not bring myself to walk past a person reading and simply not care.

Maybe it's the same for many of you, but as soon as I see a book or an ereader in someone's hands I am immediately plagued with the feeling that I MUST KNOW WHAT THEY ARE READING RIGHT NOW.

We've probably all been there: you're minding your own business when you spot a fellow reader on the train/ in the park/ in a public area and suddenly your only purpose in life is to find out what they're reading. I call it 'whatcha-reading syndrome', because this is all I ever say to any of my friends or family as a conversation starter. If they aren't reading anything, I immediately tut at them and recommend something I just read. This happens on a fairly regular basis, so much so that I know have a list in my head of good book to read for the most frequent offenders. No, I am not ashamed.

On rare occasions it is a disappointment to me. They may be reading a biography, or something equally boring and non-escapish. But at least I can know and accordingly judge that person and whether or not a friendship/ bookish conversation is available to me because of that.

I have a few instances where I must talk to this person at all costs: a. I have read the book before, b. I fricking love that book/author, c. it's on my wishlist, d. it's by a really well-known author, e. it's a best seller and is therefore totally deserving of my attentions or f. it's something that has caught my eye and i'm iffy about reading it. I could talk about books for days. I really could, and it's so great to get other people's opinions of books.

So, what are you reading?