7 September 2014

Review: Prompossible Plans - Laura Pauling

This book is the companion to Prom Impossible and it follows the viewpoints of Zeke, Jasper and Michael as they too make it through the hardest year Cassidy has ever had.

Firstly, we start with Zeke. He is by far the character that I was the most interested in. He's a real hothead at times and I truly wanted to understand why and how things made him so mad and so changeable. His viewpoint actually dealt with a whole other side to him; the part that wallows in his fathers imprisonment and tries not to go down the same path. While the book did show some reasoning behind his volatile temperament, this was much more about knowing who he is underneath all that, and seeing that he liked Cassidy all along.

Second up was Jasper, who was actually kind of nice until he dug himself a giant hole by being a general ass. I still don't understand that boy. Third was Michael, whose viewpoint was nice but perhaps not even essential except to show his realisation that he actually did like Cassidy after all.

Saying all of that, the voices of these characters were great and they we so distinctive. You can truly understand why Zeke says some pretty terrible things as he is a very emotional character, and we really get a feel for that here. Michael's voice really came alive with references to The Lord of The Rings and Star Trek, whilst Jasper's obvious narcissism was just perfect.

I would have really liked a little bit more of Zeke. Since the viewpoints were split up to cover the year in three sections and three voices, the book felt pretty solid, but I would have liked to see the other boys interjecting a little, maybe alternating. For example, nearing the end it would have been great to get Jasper's point of view instead of Michael's. We got a peek of Zeke's romantic side, but we would have seen way more if it was his viewpoint in the giant heart scene.

The book was short and could have had a lot more packed in, but it was enjoyable all the same. I am really looking forward to more of Cassidy in the next book, Covert Kissing. Now we know where everyone stands, I can tell it's going to be one heck of a summer for her.