10 September 2014

Wednesday Wishlist #20 - Unusual Retellings

This week I'm sharing some more unusual retellings I've found recently:

The Madman's Daughter - Megan Shepherd

I have never read The Island of Doctor Moreau, but don't worry, I will by the time I pick up this book and its' sequels. This book is set a little later than the original, and follows Juliet Moreau as she discovers that her father is still alive and experiementing on animals. She travels to the island to talk some sense into him, but to no avail. It sounds awesome, creepy and perfect for me.

The Madman's Daughter on Goodreads

Of Metal and Wishes - Sarah Fine
I am so excited by this. Take some Phantom of the Opera, then move it from France to Asia and set it in a slaughterhouse instead of an operahouse. Add some intrigue with a group of outsiders and a few murders and you have a really awesome contemporary (perhaps even timeless) piece of fiction. I need to read this.

Of Metal and Wishes on Goodreads

Painted Blind - Michelle A. Hansen
This is a modernised retelling of Cupid and Psyche, but it follows the same principle. Psyche tried to glimpse Cupid's face and so his mother, Aphrodite, forces her to test her love by giving her challenges. it sounds like a properly romantic and submersive read.

Painted Blind on Goodreads