24 September 2014

Wednesday Wishlist #22 - Historical Fiction Edition

This week my wishlist had gone all historical:

The Cure for Dreaming - Cat Winters

A suffragist in America is hypnotised and is given the gift of being able to see people's true natures. She is drawn into a mysterious and strange relationship with the man who hypnotised her and sets to work making her voice heard. I haven't read any books about suffragists before, and this one sounds really cool with the hint of magic in there. I'd also like to see the movement in America compared to how I know it in the UK.

Gilt , Tarnish and Brazen - Katherine Longshore
Not quite a series, but all set in the time of Henry VIII and from the perspective of his wives or other ladies of the court. Intrigue, plotting, romance, betrayal and friendship run as themes throughout the books. Sounds awesome to me.

The Palace of Curiosities - Rosie Garland

Two strange outcasts find refuge in a strange place called The Palace of Curiosities, where they become The Lion-Faced Girl and The Flayed Man. A Victorian-era piece of fantastical fiction that sounds really intriguing.