28 September 2014

Review: Covert Kissing - Laura Pauling

After a disastrous senior year and the prom from hell, Cassidy just wants a nice, normal summer before she begins college. However, things never quite go to plan. Soon, all of her thoughts of kissing go out the window as she contends with the summer job from hell, a very angry Jasper and a worryingly brooding Zeke.

Now, I love Cassidy, and I still do. There's something really real about her; the fact that she babbles (albeit not as much as in the first book) she's still a little bit self-absorbed, but her heart is in the right place and she appears to grow up a little bit more in this book as she tend to worry more about others than herself.

This book actually brings a lot of mystery to an otherwise very teen book concerning the boys and their problems. I actually found myself not really having a clue what they were all worrying about. I also liked how the books tied in very nicely with the first two books in carrying on story lines from most characters perspectives, particularly that of Zeke and his family issues.

This is a quick, fun read very much in keeping with the rest of the series. In fact, the author could do a longer series on Cassidy, as she is such fun that I am dying to know what one earth she will get up to at college. This part has been left unclear, so perhaps that may be the plan. It is very much in keeping with all things teen as it really includes things that any person their age would be doing and thinking about, even if it was kind of reminiscent of High School Musical 2.

There was some good pacing and the read is very engaging. The guys were delved into a little bit, though I still kind of hate Jasper. I loved seeing more of Zeke, and I liked how the romance and kissing wasn't as over the top as it could have been. The book still goes back to its roots in the end with a bit of adrenaline and some family love.