3 September 2014

Wednesday Wishlist #19 - Peter Pan Retellings

This weeks wishlist is simply on Peter Pan retellings:

Girl Lost - Nazarea Andrews
This loose YA retelling focuses on a girl who has been in and out of mental institutes because her parents died and she believes in a magical island. The thing is, when she goes to a new school, the boy who sits next to her looks rather too much like the boy from the island. Things start getting confusing when his temperamental friend Belle enters the situation.

Girl Lost on Goodreads

Alias Hook - Lisa Jensen
A grown woman dreams her way into Neverland and meets the mysterious Captain Hook, but she soon find out that this man is so much more than the evil pirate that the stories say he is. Can they release him from his curse of playing the villain?

Alias Hook on Goodreads

Hook and Jill - Andrea Jones
This retelling is about all about Wendy and her fight to save the Neverland boys, who are slowly growing up and face a terrible fate when they do.

Hook and Jill on Goodreads