12 September 2014

Review: REHO - D.L. Denham

In a world ravaged by nuclear war and taken over by opportunistic aliens called Hegemon, Reho survives. Unlike other humans, he has the ability to withstand high levels of radiation, pain and injury. He can heal at an amazing rate and is stronger than the normal man. What he doesn't know is that his survival skills are about to be tested.

REHO is a science fiction, thriller, adventure mash-up, with a solid plot and even more solid characters. While none truly stood out as noteworthy, we can see that all of Reho's new-found comrades-in-arms have strengths and weaknesses, making them much more multi-faceted than your average side characters. I am expecting much more in the way of development and character arcs in the next book as more is revealed about each character, and was slightly dissappointed that the book didn't create more of a personality in Reho.

However, this was a very plot-driven book, and the way everything was laid out was rather clever. At first the story seems a little bit lost, and this actually echoes Reho as a main character to some extent, as the story begins to take a direction as soon as he figured out what on earth he is doing. It soon find quite an unexpected and intersting direction and really runs with it, revealing a more complex plot than originally thought. At first there was no clear threat, but as the book progressed and you learnt more about the Hegemon, you realise that they are, of course, the enemy, but you also realise the part they play in Reho's life, which is fascinating. In some places the plot could be a little bit slow and information-heavy but in others it moved very fast through action sequences.

Speaking of action, the book is full of it and is therefore a great read for anyone who likes that kind of genre, as well as anyone who likes the war genre. It is interesting to note that the sci-fi element also really comes to the fore nearing the end as we begin to see where the plot is going. This book is doing a great job of raising interest in the rest of the series. You can tell that this is only one part of the story, and there are a lot of unanswered questions concerning Reho's abilities, the aliens and some very dodgy experiments.

A great futuristic imagining with an interesting concept. While it wasn't entirely my thing, I think people with a love of both sci-fi and books involving warfare or subterfuge would love this book.

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Thank you to D.L. Denham who kindly gifted me a review copy. This has not affected my rating.